Southern Witchcrafts

Southern Witchcrafts Desairology After Shave Splash


Aftershave-Spritzer in unserer hochwertigen Basis. Alkoholfrei.

Desairology, benannt nach der Leichenpflegepraxis der Toten, ist eine gruselige Variante klassischer Barbershop-Düfte.

Duftnoten: Sandelholz, Moschus, Eichenmoos, Zitrusfrüchte, Lavendel, Vanille, Oud, gebrannter weißer Salbei, gebrannter Palo Santo, Gardenie

Zutaten: Hamamelis, Wasser, Aloe-Gel, Duftstoff, Vitamin E, Glycerin

Nettogewicht 115g.


Customer Reviews

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Maja K.H.
My Favourite!

A wonderful alcohol-free splash. Soaks in immediately, leaving no residue unless you over-apply, and leaves the skin soothed and soft.

The scent is even more amazing than on the soap, and each time I apply it, it feels slightly different. Sometimes it's sweeter, sometimes more powdery, and sometimes the smoke comes out to play. The scent lingers for a while, longer than some alcohol splashes, and -- for me at least -- is perfect for any season, blending just as well with salty ocean air as winter freshness.

Together with the soap, this was the first artisan product I bought, and it remains my favourite. Will definitely buy again.

Stavros Ereifej
Great asl and great service!!

Great asl and great service!!

Carlo Berti
Ottimo after shave

Buon prodotto di qualità, profumazione molto intensa , lascia la pelle morbida e non brucia perché alcool free. Complimenti a Anticatura, spedizione veloce prezzi ottimi

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