Gentlemans Nod

Gentlemans Nod Musashi aftershave


NOTE:The fragrance in this splash contains Green Tea Extract and the splash includes Koolada(WS-23). Green Tea Extract contains polyphenols that are potent antioxidants. It also has anti-inflammatory and stimulant properties. Quite possibly the most invigorating splash you'll ever use!

Introducing Musashi an original fragrance from Gentleman's Nod. This is the first LE offering in a new "Origins" series, featuring a fragrance developed around a single note or accord.

The fragrance is inteded to invoke feelings of walking from an isolated coastal region with the fresh zest of citrus and sweetness of Nashi pear. As you move inland and into slightly higher elevations, Jasmine Tea, florals and spice dominate the fragrance. Ultimately as your journey continues into yet higher, forested elevations the fragrance again transforms into a more earthy and woodsy mix reminiscent of the damp forest floor and ancient firs.

We invite you to be immersed in this beautiful fragrance developed around a heart of Jasmine Tea with the accompanying notes stemming from an Asian origin with Japan in particular. Rediscover the ritual!

Customer Reviews

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Awesome aftershave

You just cannot go wrong with this beauty.
Scent profile is exactly as described and the aftershave also bursts with a little menthol while applied.
Great stuff.
Delivery is flawless as usual!

Great in every aspect

With notes of tea, Yuzu and woods, it calms and tones the face exceptionally. The aftereffect leaves a witch hazel menthol trace that persists strongly imo.

Petar Dzhanov
One of my favorite

Just love it! One of my favorite aftershaves! I can't have enough of this fragrances! And quality is awesome!

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