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Mammoth Voices splash


VOICES is a collaboration between House of Mammoth and the Lather Talk podcast.

From the Lather Talk guys:
“We had the honor of working with HoM on this custom scent that all started with the note of mango. Why mango you ask? Besides being a tasty tropical fruit, mango has strong ties to Taiwan and the Philippines, the countries where Gerard’s parents and my parents immigrated from respectively.

Ben from House of Mammoth took that idea a bit further and came up with a delicious gourmand scent based on the Asian dessert: mango sticky rice!

Scent note for Voices include mango, pandan, sticky rice, coconut milk, vetiver, orris, and wood.

Customer Reviews

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Nailed the scent

As stated on the review of the soap, Ben nailed the scent.

The fragrance on the AS Splash has some staying power, I can usually smell the scent on me the entire day, so I sure get a lot of mileage.

Be aware that like all AS Splashes by Mammoth, it does contain WS-23 which is a synthetic cooling agent. Its wonderfully cold and crisp for quite some time, can't really compare it to ordinary cooling by Menthol.

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