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@johp3r, John Perry, & @xicano_design, Rafa in collaboration with Bill Graham of Murphy and McNeil present to you Barbershop De Los Muertos 3.

This is the culmination of a few years of work and fun for us.  And although this could very well be the final BDLM, it refuses to go quietly.

For those that follow John and Rafa you've seen the work, love for life, and love for this shaving hobby. It's a mutual respect from two guys who are similar yet so different.  The original Barbershop De Los Muertos was a small release, yet very well received and had many people wishing they got in on it.  Last year we presented Barbershop de Los Muertos 2, which was also incredibly well received.  We also at that time used the opportunity to work together to bring BDLM 1 back to life in Murphy and McNeil’s Kodiak and AON soap bases.  The response was phenomenal, and we can’t thank this community enough for their support.

Now, it's time for the three-peat.  Barbershop De Los Muertos 3 is here.

Featuring more amazing artwork by Rafa of Xicano.  This scent features for the first time a female protagonist on our label.  As always with Rafa, she’s a beautiful addition to the BDLM family.

The scent on this set is inspired by Guerlain’s Homme Intense.  This is a bold scent of the type you’ve come to expect from BDLM. It’s green, boozy, woody, and we love it. I couldn’t think of a better scent to send this trilogy back to the crypt having fulfilled its dark plans.

Thanks sincerely from all of us.  We really appreciate this ride, and we hope you love BDLM3.

This Aftershave Splash by Murphy and McNeil combines exceptional ingredients to provide an excellent post-shave feel and scents that linger.

Important: Air Delivery & International Guests

Alcohol based aftershaves cannot ship via air delivery.  Customers outside U.S. should choose our alcohol free version to ensure a good shipping experience.  Orders shipping outside U.S.A. will receive our alcohol free variant regardless of your selection.

Scent Profile

  • Scent Strength: Medium

  • Scent Profile:  

    • Classified as a woody aromatic, this fragrance is bold, green, woody and boozy at once.

    • Top: Mint, Rhubarb Leaf, Rum

    • Mid: Geranium

    • Base: Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver

    • Note:  Some may recognize this fragrance as an homage to "Homme Intense"

  • Credit: This set features the art of Xicano Designs see more of his work on Instagram at @_xicano_design

Aftershave Splash Ingredients

  • Alcohol Splash: Alcohol Denat - Isopropyl Myristate - Willow Bark Extract - Witch Hazel- Aloe - Vegetable Glycerin - Green Tea Extract - Silver Dihydrogen Citrate - Citric Acid - Fragrance - Menthol or Koolada-23 (Optional) - Polysorbate 20 - Glucam P-20

  • Alcohol Free Splash: Willow Bark Extract - Witch Hazel- Aloe - Vegetable Glycerin - Green Tea Extract - Silver Dihydrogen Citrate - Citric Acid - Fragrance - Menthol or Koolada-23 (Optional) - Polysorbate 20

  • 100mL / 3.4 fl oz


Customer Reviews

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Un grazie enorme ai ragazzi di Anticatura per ciò che fanno…avevo il sapone da un paio di anni preso dall’America ma ovvi motivi di importazione non potevo prendere after shave…invece grazie al team Anticatura si ha la possibilità di avere set completi di ottimi marchi d’oltre oceano.tornando al prodotto BDLM3 si presenta con una fantastica boccietta in vetro,profumazione elegantissima che ti conquista ogni volta che lo utilizzi,buone proprietà lenitive e non troppo alcolico…Grazie di nuovo ad Anticatura…SIETE SEMPRE AL TOP

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