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Ralon After Shave Lotion is an exceptional men's aftershave. For gentle and healthy skin after shaving without irritation, the lotion is ideal for every man. Ralon lotion after shaving has a moisturizing effect on the skin and is suitable for all skin types, especially for dry skin. It has a disinfectant effect and revitalizes the skin. The unique scent of Ralon lotion with notes of cinnamon and shades of rose, clear and lilac and the addition of thyme will appeal to all classic men and become their favorite aftershave.



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Lutz Schöniger
Best aftershave

Ralon is the perfekt Aftershave for me, even if the brand name Pitralon can not longer be used, it comes closest to the original recipe. Good thing that I can use it again via the purchase at Anticatura, in Germany.

Legendary Classic

Best face feel and healing properties i've found so far. The scent cannot be compared to anything else, Swiss Pitralon lacks the camphor spice and is much sweeter and fruity, this has a medicinal-smokey, almost rubbing alcohol character that fits into the times of it's origin and, believe it or not, works even better. Something for the nostalgics, as it's the closest you can get to the aftershave so many preferred in the 50s and 60s at least where i am. My favorite after discovering it on vacation in Croatia, but very hard to get elsewhere. No matter how bad the shave might have been, Ralon always saves the day. This is the best offer i've seen for it anywhere so far. Fast delivery too. Will be a repeat buyer!

Heinz-Peter Fohrmann
A scent of history

Not 100% the Pitralon from 1927, it still comes closest. Very unique scent, very good healing capabilities. You can even use it for zits.
I've been using it quite a while, but it's hard to come by in Germany.
I'm very happy that I found Ralon at this price in this shop.

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