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L'ispirazione dietro "DAVE" viene dal padre del nostro fondatore, David, una grande fonte di ispirazione a Løthur. Si trattava di un uomo che raramente veniva trovato senza una tazza di "roba buona" in mano (il tè inglese della colazione) e raramente veniva visto fuori dal suo spazio sacro, il giardino sul retro. David coltivava gigli giganti, gelsomini rampicanti, alti piselli dolci e vivaci fiori di iris.

DAVE si apre con note di testa leggere, agrumate e fruttate, che ricordano il tè Darjeeling. Ha un morbido accordo di gelsomino nel cuore ed è perfettamente radicato con note di Assam e radice di iris talcata.

115g Peso netto. 4 once, prodotto nel Regno Unito

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Great soap.

Soft croap like goodfellas or razorock but on another totally higher level. Very nice scent, kind of light floral, very close to proraso sensitive pre-shave. Easy to lather and great properties of slickness, residual and cushion. Great on post-shave too, moisturizing but not oily. Top base. Recommended.

Liridon Ahmetgjekaj
This is not just ”another soap”.

I’ve been wetshaving for about 15 years and I also work in a store where we sell high end shaving supply, ”nische” fragrances and other toiletries. That doesn’t have to mean anything but let me tell you that i’ve tried just about every soap base there is. Siero, Nai, CK6 (the other CKs), Milk steak, Kaizen and so on.

This tops them all, for me anyway. The soap is really easy to dial in and the residual slickness is akin to dunking your face in snail slime. Look, this soap checks every ”category” (ease of lather, water endurance, post and so on) of what makes a high end soap and then some.

What truly makes this soap unique to me is the consistency of the lather. It has this fatty and slippery feel without being greasy or hard to wash off. You can truly feel the ingredients at work here. I have about 150+ soaps and I could gladly use this base alone. I just like scents and fragrances too much so that would be boring but it is that good without a doubt. At least for me. The scent is a beautiful floral Darjeeling with some creamy woody undertones topped with some juicy fruityness. Some artisans go overboard with their scents (looking at you A&E) but this you could use every day without it being cloying or overbearing.

At this price, or any price, this soap is unbeatable.

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