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Il suicidio è la principale causa di morte per gli uomini sotto i 50 anni e nel Regno Unito il 75% di tutti i suicidi sono uomini. Motivati ​​da queste statistiche strazianti e dalla necessità di agire contro il suicidio maschile, abbiamo creato TEARS.

Vuoi essere il sasso nello stagno che crea l’increspatura del cambiamento.” Tim Cook

Un omaggio alle colonie del passato, 'TEARS' si apre con agrumati bergamotto, limone e mandarino combinati con delicate note erbacee. Il cuore è un assalto pieno di fiori di neroli, lavanda e gelsomino che poggiano su un delicato accordo di muschio alla base.

115g Peso netto. 4 once, prodotto nel Regno Unito

Customer Reviews

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A surprising base

I wanted to try this soap after watching multiple people recommending it.
This is truly a hidden gem. One of the best lathers that leaves the skin pampered.
Much better than many of the soap bases many say are "Top 5".
I am a citrus lover, so this smell is right up my alley. However it is not that strong, probably strength smell is 3/10 so it is pleasant but not the deciding factor to get this.
Performance: 9/10. Smell appeal 9/10. Overall, a solid 8/10

Adrian Suta

Excellent lather. Slick, stable, protective. Post shave is impressive. Scent is nice, weak to moderate, I'm not going to even try to give more details as I'm just terrible at describing scents.

top tier soap

I've heard good reviews about Lothur, but failed to find many reviews on line on US sites like B&B and the like. European products aren't very represented on these sites, and with covid and long lead times, I've decided to give Lothur a try. All I can say that it is a great product, top tier, and the only negative I've read about it was concerning it's weak scent- I can say is not true. The strength on Tears (and Namkha) is about 8/10. Great scents, slickness, price wise it's affordable. My other top bases are Sego, BM Reserve and CK6. I'd say Lothur is in line with Reserve and CK6. Will definitely buy other scents.
If you want to know how Tears smells like, it's exactly like Eau de Cologne 4711, very fresh citrusy scent.

Best of the Best shaving soap

Exceptional soap: slick and protective lather, medium-strong scent strenght. Impressive Postshave for at least 24h.

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