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Sapone da barba desairology della stregoneria meridionale


La desairologia, che prende il nome dalla pratica mortuaria di toelettatura dei morti, è una svolta spettrale sui classici profumi da barbiere.

Note olfattive: legno di sandalo, muschio, muschio di quercia, agrumi, lavanda, vaniglia, oud, salvia bianca bruciata, palo santo bruciato, gardenia

Ingredienti: Acqua, acido stearico, burro di karitè, olio di ricino, idrossido di potassio, glicerina, olio di cocco, lattato di sodio, idrossido di sodio, olio di jojoba, polvere di aloe, aloe liquida, isopropilmiristato, argilla caolino, fragranza

Peso netto 115 g.

Customer Reviews

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Maja K.H.
Tub Almost Empty; Still The Favourite

Desairology was the first artisan soap I ever bought. Compared to Proraso, the difference is extreme; the SW soap base lathers up incredibly easily, and does not need much water to create a lather that is drippy yet protective, and the slickest there is. No, really; after having tried samples from most otehr major artisans, I can confidently say that at least for me, this one is the slickest.

The scent, too, is my favourite even after all these samples. It shines more in the aftershave, gaining more of a powdery sweetness, but even on the soap it is a delight. A herbal, powdery, very lightly smokey, and decidedly masculine scent, with just a hint of that unusual off-ness present in some way in all Southern Witchcrafts offerings.

Desairology is what I reach for when I want an icnredibly comforting shave, something that just works. It is the scent I would choose if I could choose only one. It will not be for everyone -- no SW scent can be -- but I highly recommend you try it.

Julian Bokej
Smells good, creamish consistency

No regerts

Oscar Wildschut
great soap and smell

A scent that is really nice; sweet, herbal and spicy


Very good soap very good loading wonderful aroma and easy shaving

Stavros Ereifej
Great soap and great service!!

Great soap and great service!!

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