Extro Pirata shaving cream


Donato Ciniello is an Italian artisan that has worked in the world of cosmetics for more than thirty years but has than discovered the world of wet shaving and a passion to create beautiful shaving products.

Extrò Cosmesi Pirata natural shaving cream is made from 100% vegetable ingredients and contains Royal Jelly and Calendula Oil for a more protective shave.
This classic Extrò shaving cream is an unusually rich pink/red colour and possesses a very delicate, old barbershop fragrance, with notes of lemon, rosemary, bergamot, fern, sandalwood and Cedarwood.
Best for men who dislike an overpowering scent.
Free of parabens and alcohol it is ideal for those who suffer sensitive skin conditions.
Although classed as a shaving cream, the consistency is a cross between a soft cream and a hard soap, similar to putty.


150 ml of shaving soap in a glass jar



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