Henson Shaving razor 2.0 mild aggressive

€64,90 €84,90

The Henson Shaving Aluminum Classic Razor is a high quality razor that offers a smooth shave and due to its great manageability; performance is obtained in the shaving process.

It has a closed comb that makes the machine safer because it has a medium intensity, which allows a pleasant shave.

Perfect for use with sensitive skin, the Henson Shaving razor is intuitive for those who are just starting out in the world of shaving. Its comfortable design allows the skin to not be mistreated.

It does not rust, which makes it have good long-term sustainability. Added also its design and silver color that give a good view and elegance.

This classic aluminum razor is produced by the Henson brand, who use aerospace techniques to manufacture their products; which are of excellent quality and provide the user with incredible precision.

Presentation: packed, with a weight of 37gr.

Made in Canada.


Aggression Level: Mild Aggressive 

Customer Reviews

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Just Above Average

The razor is very well made and looks gorgeous and futuristic.
I would not recommend using this with Proraso as it leaves a sticky white film that I could not take out of the grooves of this razor.
This was marketed as a mild razor, but to me, it often leaves nicks that I do not get with other razors. It is just not smooth enough.
The only soap base that makes this one feel smooth and nick-free is the Zingari.
So YMMV. It might not have been a perfect razor for my favorite blades, so your experience might be better.
Yes, finding the angle is very easy with this, but again, it's not smooth, so you might end up with a few more small nicks than usual (If you are intending to have a close shave).

Really good razor for first-timers and anyone

Great seller too.

Ivaylo Atanasov

Great everyday razor…And perfect service,recommended seller and product!

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