Officina Artigiana

Officina Artigiana shaving soap


This shaving soap was made up of 40% of the 5 precious wellness oils: jojoba oil, argan oil, almond oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil
The mixture is hot worked 5 times e with 5 different mixing phases of the ingredients.
Every vegetable fat is worked with different times, phases and quantities
A meticulous and complex manual operation which makes the precious oils contained able to nourish and keep nourished the skin many hours after shaving, giving real beneficial effects to the skin of the face
The jar filling nozzle was built on our technical drawing to obtain a visual effect in line with the product purchased: an abstract flower made up of 5 petals which recall both its own natural origin and 5 wellness oils used in the production phase
The fragrance chosen for the Officina Artigiana shaving line is precious, innovative, refined and structured but at the same time masculine and suitable for all seasons.

150ml in a glass jar

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