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Southern witchcrafts pomona shaving soap


Named for the wood nymph guardian of fruit orchards, Pomona provides a perfect lead in to the Autumn season.

Scent notes: Apple, honey, red wine, spice, honeysuckle

Ingredients: Water, stearic acid, shea butter, castor oil, potassium hydroxide, glycerine, coconut oil, sodium lactate, sodium hydroxide, jojoba oil, aloe powder, liquid aloe, isopropyl myristate, kaolin clay, fragrance

Net Weight 115g.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent soap

Excellent shaving soap
with great protection and excellent post shave. congratulations to the store that carries such products

Kaloyan Ivanov
unbeatble postshave !!

I accidentally discovered Acatura while browsing the Southern Witchcraft site and immediately ordered 2 soaps.
Pomona has a very mild aroma of honey and apple, when making lather the wine also appears. Very well made vegan soap, easy to work with --- --- real 5 star.
ps--> is really more sticky than Ariana and Evans

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