Zingari Nomad balm


Bay rum is a tried and true combination—a deep, spicy, masculine scent adored by many. However, after some time, the tried and true becomes tired. The experience of the fragrance becomes routine and expected and without excitement. We sought to change that. By rejecting the convention and adding a twist of lime, we’ve brought bay rum to the lighter side with a citrusy pop. It seems right then that this scent is dedicated to the man who refuses to become stagnant: The Nomad.

Zingari man Aftershave balm is specially formulated for freshly shaved skin.  This alcohol-free formula contains witch hazel which will help soothe irritated skin. The white willow extract is a mild astringent. Allantoin will help your skin recover from shaving irritation. Made with the ultra-lightweight Meadowfoam oil to replace moisture.  Oat oil provides Ceramide that is ultra-hydrating, softening and leaves a silky feel. Using this aftershave balm will leave your skin soothed, soft and irresistible.

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