History of


The beginnings of my wet shaving journey are going back to 2014 when I realized that I should find an alternative to the plastic cartridges that we use for shaving. I felt that I have to change my everyday ritual to something that gives you pleasure and makes that day in front of you a new meaning. Every day should be perfect and it should start with a perfect shave.


Ending 2018 idea starts to form that I should step up the game. From a couple of razors that I restored a year, I go to a couple of dozen razors a month in 2020.


In 2020 I finally decide to move my shop from eBay to my online shop and to offer my customers other product apart from the safety razor that I restore. It is still a one-man operation from restoration work to figuring out how to set up the online shop but I look optimistically in the future. The journey continues.

Anticatura d.o.o. the company

In 2021 I made a new big step. The hobby went from a side hustle to a registered company with big plans for the future. The new goal is to become a well known shop in central Europe that offers premium products for men's grooming.The biggest focus will be on customer service, more products, faster shipping,...