I was introduced to wet shaving with a vintage razor in 2015. At about that time I decided to restore a Gillette Fatboy razor that I bought on eBay. Restoration project had a lot of problems in beginning but had ended successfully. After that razor, I decided to do one more where I learn a couple of new things that lead me to the next one and the next and so on. What started as a quest to find an alternative to the plastic cartridges grew to a hobby that filed most of my free time. After a couple of restored DE razors, I made a couple of brushes and restored a couple of them, started posting on IG and FB entered forums and have fallen into the rabbit's hole.

With time my small hobby grew to a small business of restoring shaving items and selling them on eBay but as time passed I felt an urge to set up my online page where I could showcase and sell my work. 

Now here we are. At the moment I am working on everything my self. Ordering supplies, sending parcels, editing the online shop, restoring razors,... The only thing that I do not do is the replating process of the vintage razor as I feel that that should be done by a professional.

So if you have any suggestions, problems or you would just like to contact me with a question, do not hesitate. I would be happy to help.