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The APEX-AL6063 is the latest addition to the highly rated APEX razor line. CNC machined from solid architectural grade aluminum and anodized to one of 10 stunning color ways, the APEX-AL6063 has been meticulously designed to be both easy to use and highly effective.

Sporting a careful balance of gap, exposure, and cutting edge support, the APEX-AL6063 offers an effortlessly smooth and comfortable shave, but with a level of efficiency that you might expect from much less approachable razors. And with its sleek new look, top shelf build quality, and best in class performance, you'll get everything that you've come to expect in an Aylsworth razor, but at a most affordable price point yet!


  • Material - AL6063 
  • Finish - Bead Blast 150/ Type 2 Anodize
  • Weight - 35 grams
  • Thread - 10-32 
  • Length - 102 mm (4 inches)
  • Blade Gap - 0.7 mm
  • Blade Exposure - 0.05 mm


  • Durable architectural grade aluminum
  • Superior blade clamping & cutting edge support
  • Native 30 degree cutting angle
  • Invisible blade posts
  • Fully covered blade tabs
  • Engraved logo and name


  • 1 APEX-AL6063 razor in color way of choice
  • 5 premium razor blades
  • 1 inkwell razor stand (optional)

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