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Gentlemans Nod Cosecha Catalana shave soap


C4 is really a complete overhaul of the Cardinal base. It combines the result of countless hours of R&D and input from testers. This base loads extremely fast, lathers easily and offers improvements in performance across the board. Perhaps the most unique quality of this base is that you can build a great lather very quickly or continue to hydrate to build a truly exceptional lather. The lather quality seems to improve with each pass!

Cosecha Catalana or Catalonian Harvest (Collita Catalana) in Catalan is a Mediterranean fragrance inspired by a fall harvest.

The shave soap also contains a hint of natural peach to signify the late fall Catalonian peach harvest.

A new morning dawns as you set your eyes upon a beautiful Mediterranean coastline. Immediately, you are met with an intensely aromatic, green and herbal aroma highlighted by bright citrus. Traveling inland, dry florals with herbal and woody accents draw you further into the sprawling countryside. As evening approaches, you are greeted by the comforting warmth of creamy woods and Golden Amber that is earthy, yet slightly sweet and resinous.

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Gentlemans Nod Cosecha Catalana soap

This is my first time with this brand, and I was very satisfied. Great fragrance, creamy assembly, and after shave. Must have

George Sichlimirs

Its the first soap of Gentlemans Nod that i have and i can say that is a top quality soap concerening all the elements of shaving such as aroma,protection,post shave.For me,the most important
thing in a soap is the amount of hydration the face has after the shave and the Catalana is an excellent example of that.The lotion also has a great floral aroma although i think i would prefer the lotion
not to be that oily in the face.For my skin Gentlemans Nod is in top 5 along with Grooming Dept,Barrister and Mann,Arianna and Evans and Zingari.

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