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Calm was inspired by the very core of what Løthur values most, a moment of tranquillity, where men can relax and be mindful. A brief respite from our busy lives, a ritualistic activity or, preferably, a traditional wet shave.

Calm is a lively, fresh, lavender accord with touches of green notes through its heart. It has a soft and powdery base with subtle hints of eucalyptus.

115g Net wt. 4 oz, Made in the UK

Customer Reviews

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Adrian Suta
Great lather. Irritating scent

Lather is definitely a 10/10. Scent however is a blast of something synthetic. Despite its name, Calm is a pungent (strenght 7.5/10) stinging smell with an unpleasant (to me) take on lavender. Hope it fades over time.

Algirdas Juska
A great product, just with a couple of niggles

This is one of the best shaving soaps I've tried so far.

Consistency is of the soap is soft, which leads to easy loading on to the brush. Feels more like dried cream as opposed to a hard soap.
Lather builds up quickly though not "explosively".
The lather holds up for a relatively long time. Compared to A&E products it seems to last forever.
Glide and cushioning are top notch.
Post-glide is good.
Post-shave feel is good. It's not "in your face" as A&E products tend to be, it just get's the job done.

Overall - it' a joy to use.

Now on to the niggles.
First of - the scent does not invoke calmnes in me, I find it a tad irritating. Maybe it's just too strong for my liking. I'll try airing the perfume out a bit, see if it helps.
Second - there is something about it that makes me think of the soap as a bit synthetic. I can't really put my finger on it, maybe it has something to do with the dimethicone (a type of silicone). The strong scent doesn't help here for sure. There is a distinct feel to it that I have not noticed in any other shave soap that I use. It's not that it's bad, just has a feeling that I personally associate with synthetic cosmetics.

All that being said - this is a product that I recomend people try and make their own decisions.
I found it to be a well balanced product.
It's deffinitely on the top end of shave soaps and I will continue using it.

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