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Mammoth Hygge shave soap


Hygge (hyoo-guh) is a Danish concept which conveys a sense of comfort and togetherness. The concept reminds us of an old-fashioned barbershop, where people come together to enjoy relationships and the simple everyday pleasure of a good shave. Like the classic barbershop fragrances, Hygge contains a healthy dose of citrus, oakmoss, and musk, but the similarities end there. Sharp evergreens provide a wintry freshness, while amber, frankincense, and castoreum provide
warmth and depth.

We hope this scent will warm and lift your spirits even when it’s dark and cold.

Notes: sweet orange, bergamot, fir, juniper, oakmoss, amber, frankincense, musk, and castoreum.

Soap ingredients: stearic acid, water, potassium hydroxide, duck fat, beef tallow, glycerin, babassu oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, fragrance, argan oil, murumuru butter, daikon seed extract, tocopherol, silk amino acids, lanolin, hydrolyzed oats, willow bark extract, allantoin.

Customer Reviews

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Overrated soap

I purchased this soap after reading many positive reviews, so I went without a hitch! However, it isn't suitable for my skin (I also think it may have been a faulty batch!). I find the soap to be normal, not very smooth and not even very protective (I shave with a straight razor, so I really need smoothness). The post shave gives elasticity to the skin like many other soaps, in short I was a little disappointed.
There are better soaps for that price, luckily!

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