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Mammoth Indigo shave soap


Mood Indigo is a great Duke Ellington tune that's been covered by all the great jazz singers. A lot of people think the blues is a sad genre of music, but it's not. The blues is cathartic, a way for people to give voice to their troubles and find support. Keeping your struggles and sadness to yourself is what makes things worse, so in that sense the blues helps us realize we're not alone.

Mood Indigo smells like you've left that blues club late at night, tired but feeling good, a little less alone. You take a look up at the night sky and breathe a bit, and sort of unconsciously hum the tune to Mood Indigo.

Notes: black pepper, blueberry, rum, vetiver, oud, night sky

Soap ingredients: stearic acid, water, potassium hydroxide, duck fat, beef tallow, glycerin, babassu oil, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, fragrance, argan oil, murumuru butter, daikon seed extract, tocopherol, silk amino acids, lanolin, hydrolyzed oats, willow bark extract, allantoin.

Customer Reviews

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Massimiliano Morelli
Mammoth indigo

Ottimo sapone in tutto ha una scorrevolezza impressionante e una protezione fantastica come il suo aroma,alla fine della rasatura si percepisce che gli ingredienti usati sono al top.

Eviatar Ben Zvi
Good soap

First time I use HoM. Very good performance. The scent is very good, makes me think a bit a fruity yet a bit leathery vétiver. Very good soap qnf the AS is very soothing.


Incredible base and scent

Merveilleux !!

La qualité du savon est incroyable, une crème protectrice et un effet post rasage rarement atteint.
La senteur est merveilleuse, légèrement fruitée et bien complexe, un régal. Moi qui n'aime pas les senteurs fruitées, j'aime vraiment beaucoup celle ci, Bravo!

Masculine and very pleasant

Excellent scent. Mild tobacco fragrance. Easy to lather with nice slickness. The scent on the balm is a bit stronger (and works perfectly for post shave care).

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