Martin de Candre

Martin de Candre Rosa 200g shaving soap


Martin De Candre Solid shaving soap 200gr In glass bowl. Rose fragrance

Product weight:
200g “Rose fragrance” scented solid shaving soap

Glass jar
Total weight approx. 500g

The main advantages of Martin de Candre shaving soap:
Hot soaping, carried out in the Martin De Candre artisan workshop, which, thanks to its 40 years of experience, guarantees the perfect control of the entire manual process of this shaving soap, composed of 100% vegetable oils (olive, copra) and potassium.

A completely hot-soap paste that guarantees excellent preservation, without the addition of any preservatives.
At the end of the cooking process, Martin de Candre adds essential oils to the paste while it is still hot, allowing the soaps to be scented right to the core.
During the weeks of drying, the soap loses weight, and therefore water. Taking the time for this drying process is “madness” when today everything has to go very fast… but there is no secret: the mixture and the scent improve exponentially.

The result is a product made by master craftsmen, branded, luxurious and yet economical, since a soap like this can last more than a year before being finished.


Under the rotating gestures of a good brush, The foam rises quickly and with very little product, The foam that is obtained allows a smooth shave, with an unprecedented feeling but above all without skin aggression of any kind. The lather is abundant and “sticks” to the skin: soft, unctuous but always velvety.

Shaving soap usage tip:

Moisten the face with warm water
Wet the brush in warm water, shake it to squeeze it a little (do not leave it soaked in water)
Pass the brush over the soap making a few turns (do not insist too long)
Whip the soap in a suitable bowl to obtain in a few moments the best shaving foam you have ever tried, or alternatively
Spread the lather over your face with a shaving brush. This action will develop a creamy lather that will adhere well to the face and allow for a comfortable shave.

After use:
Pass the soap pack under water to evacuate the rest of the foam and clean off any residue.

made in France


It all began in the 1970s when chemist-soap-maker André Chapuis, originally from Cher, met Dominique and Rosine Dauge, farmers on the family estate at the entrance to Fontevraud l’Abbaye. It was a meeting that changed forever the way of looking at the art of French savonnerie.
Thus, more than 40 years ago, the Martin De Candre artisan soap factory was born.

The historic estate, the agricultural domain and the seductive green oasis surrounding the property were turned over to the production of what would later be defined as the finest handmade shaving soaps (and bath products) in the world.

A renowned company, especially for its shaving soap, Martin de Candre is the fruit of a family adventure that knows how to exploit and preserve, a KNOW-HOW that has now disappeared in France.
At Martin De Candre, everything is “handmade”, everything is weighed by hand and manually processed because this is the way they do things.

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