Simpson Trafalgar T3 Synthetic shaving brush


Simpson shaving brushes is considered by many one of the best if not the best shaving brush producer in the world. Origin of the company dates in the year 1919.

Moto of the company is "may not be replaced in your lifetime". They are staying loyal to the moto and giving there best to produce the absolute best in shaving brush community.

Company is going with time and innovating and lately is starting to produce just excellent synthetic brushes.

Trafalgar T-3 is a synthetic brush that is set in the ivory colour handle. The brush has the classic handle shape that is characteristic of Simpson shaving brushes and sits beautifully in the hand.

Brush height: 100mm

Knot diameter: 26mm

Loft height: 50mm

Hand made in Great Britain

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Maja K.H.
Comfortable Handle, Great Backbone, Soft Tips

The Trafalgar is exactly what I was looking for. The handle fits nicely in the hand and feels sturdy enough -- though I certainly do not plan to drop it on the ground to test that, as I have chipped another resin handle that way. The knot is densely packed which offers more backbone, which I feel makes for easier skin lathering. I have not found the brush to be scrubby like some other reviews report, as the tips are plenty soft. The big knot lathers soap beautifully and covers more skin at the same time. The only complaint I can think of is that the handle could be a little longer, but it is good enough.

For comparison, I think this has a similar knot to the ones used in Alpha brushes, at least the T-400 tribute; Alpha's knots are denser and the tips provide better exfoliation, but otherwise the feel is similar. It is however not at all like Muhle's silvertip fibre, as that is far softer, the lesser backbone making it the better choice for those with sensitive skin. I highly recommend the Trafalgar as a cheap but quality starter brush to help newcomers to wet shaving figure out what they like best.

Durdle McGurdle

A great brush with a dense knot that helps create a good lather easily. The handle fits well in the hand. This brush already is a modern classic, worth every Euro.

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