Timeless Razor

Timeless Aluminium safety razor set


Timless Razor is in a league of its own. It is beautifully crafted from Aluminum material. The razor’s 0.45mm blade gap is mild yet efficient and dollar for dollar a great value for a luxury razor. It also is a nice change of pace razor or travel razor.   If you are a lifelong DE shaver or if you are new to wet shaving with safety razors, this razor is worth a try.  

What Is Included: 

  • Scalloped Cap 

  • Solid Bar Base Plate (0.45 mm blade gap)

  • Handle 

  • Stand


  • The Design: The aluminum razor is carefully crafted, ensuring the same quality shave as its more luxurious counterparts. It is coated with clear anodize to give it a perfect matte finish that will last a lifetime.

  • The Weight/Size: The Aluminum razor is lighter, so beginners will have better control as they learn to shave with their double-edge razor. The handle is 14mm x 90mm long, perfect for those with larger or longer hands. 

  • The Material: Aluminum is 100% recyclable and non-toxic. It is corrosion resistant and does not lose durability and strength over time. As a whole, aluminum is a cost efficient and solid material. 


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

  • Finish: Clear Anodize

  • Weight of Razor: 47.4 Grams

  • Weight of Stand: 29.3 Grams

  • Blade Exposure: 0.002"

  • Handle thread size: M5 x 0.8mm 

Note: Razor will reflect some machine marks, tool marks and/or anodizing marks. Razors are not polished or bead blasted; they are machine finished.

Customer Reviews

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umberto lolli
Best Quality

This aluminium razor is a good choice. Very easy to use, smooth and efficient. The finishes are excellent.

Timeless Aluminium

Excellent razor, precise and gentle cut

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